About Slimtum® - The Shape of Champions™


We believe in a beautiful, shapely vision of you. Our wonderful products are here to contribute to your personal vision. Our vision is to give more of ourselves than we would if it was only about the money – it’s about you, your experience, your body. When you receive our products, we want you to know – to feel - you’re worth it.


Our mission is to revolutionise the waist trainer and corsetry industry worldwide – forever. Slimtum® quality true shapers, gym waist trainers and corsets are available worldwide, with fast local delivery and our attentive customer service. Our standards are very high; we custom make our products with the same care, level of detail and dedication we expect from the highest level of consumer products. Fully custom, proprietary materials, designs and construction bring both the humble waist trainer and corset in line with our expectations of 21st century performance, comfort, convenience and presentation. 


WE KNOW - waist training and shaping takes commitment. We’re committed to making this process as natural, comfortable and elegant for you as possible. We’re committed to having you feeling BETTER in your waist trainer, corset or shaper than you are without it. We’re committed to never settle for less for you, to push the boundaries and to bring you the best, 21st century integrated products we can possibly produce. On top of this, Slimtum® are committed to ensuring you get results! That’s why we’re The Shape of Champions™.


Shape Redefined – The Slimtum® Story

Slimtum® was established in Australia in 2016 with a simple vision: to drag the humble waist trainer kicking and screaming into the 21st century. 

It’s late 2016, my then acquaintance, now business partner, Layla showed me some waist trainers she was selling people. I was not impressed, but that was the level of the industry then. In fact, hers were better than most by a long way. I was sceptical about them.

Showing me well over 500 - close to 600 - sets of authorized before and after photos, Layla managed to convince my uber sceptical self that waist trainers work. Let me explain my level of scepticism: I scrutinized ALL the images for photo edits, changes in angles, lighting, body composition and after discarding more than half the pile I was still left with around 220 sets showing significant changes in waist shape over the course of 10-16 weeks. Having a background in maths, including probability and statistics, this was sufficient to eradicate any doubt – they worked! The data was in, time to adjust my mental model to accommodate reality. 

So I said to her: “I can fix this s$%t for you.” and thus began the mission to modernize the waist trainer and the corset.

So I started with a market survey… there’s no way to paint a pretty picture of it: the waist trainers and corsets on the market were GARBAGE (Sadly most still are. We’ll get there though people!). In truth, it was worse than that, we couldn’t even throw them in our trash can because they SMELLED! Legit: dispose of outside, away from your nose and loved ones. 

I could tell you it was kind heartedness that really made me commit to doing MUCH better for you, and I guess part of it was, but it was more than that: I was ANGRY for you. I was pissed off that so many women were getting ripped off in a churn and burn industry that literally didn’t give a s$%t.  Well, that HAD to change, and nothing changes a mass of incumbent inertia like angry determination.  And so, the mission began; and is still under way. 

I hope you agree we’re well on the way to achieving that change for you. I personally promise you I am NOT DONE YET and our waist trainers will exceed even your furthest, and well justified, expectations of first rate, 21st century products – integrated, elegant, convenient and fully custom made to purpose.


- Max Davenport

Co-Founder and Product Developer